Board Members

I co-founded the organization to provide pharmacy professionals a voice in the pursuit of a single payer health system in the United States. Pharmacy will be an integral component of a single payer system and many pharmacy professionals are eager to support a single payer system that addresses the racial, social, and economic disparities in the current US healthcare system.

Thomas J. Cook, PhD, RPh

Thomas J. Cook, PhD, RPh, is a freelance medical/scientific writer, consultant, and medical cannabis pharmacist. After completing his Bachelor of Science in pharmacy at Northeastern University, Dr. Cook pursued his graduate studies in pharmaceutics at the University of Michigan.

The bulk of Dr. Cook’s career has been in academia where he served as a researcher, faculty member, and administrator. Dr. Cook’s current work focuses on continuing education for the medical professions; consulting for specialty pharmacy accreditation and pharmacy research projects; and providing pharmacist services at a medical cannabis dispensary.

Dr. Cook is a single-payer advocate. He is the founder of Pharmacists for Single Payer and a board member. In his free time Dr. Cook likes to hike, fish, and travel.